Here we explore some aspects of web development that may help.

Your Privacy Policy Page

Just having a Privacy Policy page is important even if you don't have a contact form or take any online payments.

It reassures your customers that you are a professional business that cares about their information.

We can help with a default Privacy Policy page that applies to the website.

Basic websites here do not use 'cookies'.

If your site intends to have a form where customers can submit basic contact information it is up to you to take responsibility for keeping that information private.

This may helpĀ

Your Terms and Conditions Page

If you are selling on the website itself then absolutely the Terms and Conditions page must exist.

If however the actual transaction or contract is done off the website your Terms and Conditions should still be transparent somewhere in the process.

There is no harm in having them online as well as this helps build trust with your customer.

You will need to create the actual content for your terms and conditions page as this may be unique to your service levels, insurance and liability, refunds etc.

We don't take responsibility for any of your Terms and Conditions.

This may helpĀ