Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Payment for your website plan is in advance, one month at a time. There is also an annual option.

This continues on a recurring basis automatically until you decide to cancel your subscription.

You do not pay anything until your website is launched.

The setup and installation process is included in the ongoing plan price. This includes standard design (within reason as deemed by VIVAXINT), package for colour theme, marketing images and some cropping to logos.

You may request extra work to get your design done however if it is a volume of work that is deemed outside of the scope of the monthly plan then you will be advised in advance that it may cost an extra one off amount.

The website itself in its totality with back end code included cannot be copied over to another server when and if you leave as the code is not accessible.

You can of course copy over your data; text and images.

If you decide to cancel your website the data will be deleted within a month.

You may cancel any time and enjoy the website until the end of that billing cycle or you may request to take it offline immediately. No pro rata cancellation refund for the remainder of the month is done.

A newsletter updating you of new and improved web services is sent out every month or two, this informs you of new functions you might find useful, you may unsubscribe.