Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) The Basics

SEO is in the DNA, we have grown up with Google algorithms since Google became a thing around 2000.

Back then SEO was the natural way; accessible content, no tricks, distributed across a website in a logical order. That principal hasn't changed much. Content is King.

At VIVAXINT plans come with basic Search Engine Optimisation. This includes a sitemap that tells search engines like Goolge what pages it should index.

What is our definition of basic? Well it is enough to get your website indexed on Google so that you are coming up somewhere in the results. The initial pitch.

Basic is your first landing attempt so you can see where you landed on first 'throw'. As your website ages and you add content and you link back from third party social network platforms your site will rise in the rankings.

Where your website lands in the rankings on very first launch is very much relative to a bunch of variables, so unfortunately we cannot say 'page 1' or 'page 12' before the website is even created. Depending on your ambitions though, some refinement after launch will definitely see you rise and that would be the Advanced SEO Campaigns. Enquire at will.

Need help writing copy for your website, use Update Assist

Good copywriting is not just about Search Engine Optimisation benefits. Expertly crafted dialogue on your website engages your audience and builds your brand. From keyword composition to enriched keyword strategy we can help build the vision. Enquire about ongoing help keeping your website fresh and relevant. Update Assist service can be as little as one hour a month or more. See plans for budget.

Advanced SEO Campaigns

For structured Search Engine Optimisation opportunity we offer a month by month program the Advanced SEO Campaign that is driven by results. Each month updates on ranking strategies are done. After that we wait and see how search engines respond. Then the next month strategies are worked on again. The cycle repeats. Depending on budget and results and how much competition you might continue for 3, 6, 8 months.